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Dermaflora Hydro-Light Hydrogel
Dermaflora Hydro-Light Hydrogel
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Dermaflora Hydro-Light Hydrogel (50 mL)

Moisturizing, skin-renewing gel with ceramide. Its special ingredient is Hydro-Light, deuterium-depleted water of high skin moisturizing capacity. Thanks to its consistence, the gel is easily absorbed, leaves no greasy or sticky feeling on the skin, is translucent and has a pleasant scent. Its hyaluronic acid content increases the moisture retention capacity and elasticity of the skin, strengthens its outer layer, and decreases the depth of existing wrinkles. Ceramide, of natural origin, helps strengthen the protective lipid layer of the skin and increases the efficiency of moisturizing. With its ceramide, Hydro-Light, and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, this product is unique.
It is free of paraben, colorants, paraffin, vaseline, derivatives of petroleum and silicone.

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