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Product Development News

In the spring of 2016, Preventa modernized the manufacturing technology that also affects the properties of the added natural mineral water. The bottling facility, equipped with all the modern technical apparatus, and the highly trained, skilled staff provides our products with impeccable quality.

The source of the natural mineral water, added and mixed to the low deuterium content water component in order to ensure the desired concentration of deuterium, comes from a new water base. The currently used mineral water was formed in the Pleistocene, following the Ice-age. Thickness of glaciation within the Carpatian Basin increased to several hundred meters. The alternation of glaciation and warming in the Carpathian Basin surrounded by mountains, eroded the latters, which led to continuous choke up of the basin. In the area a fluviatile deposit sand was formed with calcareous structure, entombing the water stock of retreating glaciation. This process was repeated tens of thousands of years, more and more layers accumulated above the water base, and by the end of halocene era deep in the Earth remained a 16 layers of clay coating, waterproof water aquifer, including the water supply of Glacial era. Thanks to its ideal chemical components it can be consumed in all ages, and without any quantitative limitation. Its slight alkalinity (pH 7.45) is due to the value of the optimum soil structure bicarbonate. The mineral calcium magnesium ion ratio is also optimal, which also plays a physiologically important role.

We hope that the quality of our world's first Preventa deuterium-depleted drinking water continues to meet the highest standards, earns the trust of consumers!