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Legal statement

1.1.    The visitor of this website accepts the following end-user terms. The right of change of these terms upheld by HYD LLC. for Cancer Research and Drug Development (Address: Budapest H-1118, Villányi út 97.; Registering body: Company Registrar and Magistrate of Budapest, reg.num.: 01-09-260799; TAX num.: 10805459-2-439, int he followings: „HYD LLC.”), so we suggest to check frequently the user terms and privacy policy of the website. 
1.2.    The terms of usage of this website maintained by HYD LLC. is that the visitors must accept the current Legal Statement and the separately handled Privacy Policy. All the visitors who are visiting this website maintained by HYD LLC. are accepting these terms int he Legal Statement and Privacy Policy by browsing onto the site and they state that they understand it and they take its content obligatory on them.
1.3.    The www.preventa.hu website and its subpages (all together: the Website) and all the content included in the site, the portfolio and the connecting images and the usage of all legal and financial rights are exclusively owned by HYD LLC.
1.4.    Usually there is no need to share any personal data of yours in order to read the contents of this website. But in order to use the webshop or any other dedicated services of the website you must register and accept its contractual terms. In this cases HYD LLC. informs you about its privacy policy and its legal obligations, and gathers you permission from you. 
1.5.    Besides that, HYD LLC upholds all the rights regarding the contents (including the pictures, texts, documents) of this very website. It is forbidden to use, reuse, process and/or sale of any parts of this website without the written permission of the owner HYD LLC. 
1.6.    The owner HYD LLC gives a prior – but not exclusive and not transferable – written permission to the visitor to download the contents to his own computer and to print it but only in the original form without distributing to a third party. This permission is only for viewing and archiving the original version of the webpage. 
1.7.    HYD LLC. reserves the right to modify or change the content of its website, to restrict or cease its contact information. HYD LLC. does not assure that the website’s content will be reachable all the time. The HYD LLC does not take any responsibility and rejects every request for restitution or compensation of any damage can be originated from the reachable information, documentation or any other written material, or the malfunction of the website, or any incomplete information, or misunderstanding, and direct or indirect usage of the above. HYD LLC cannot be taken responsible to any other material what was referring to this website or any of its content or any third party who used, referred, created, made available or published any other material referring or in connection to this website’s content. 
1.8.    The Website can contain links and references to other websites operated by a third party. These links and references are just and only for the confort of our website’s visitors, HYD LLC does not take any responsibility for their content, whether their information is correct or not, and their privacy policy.
1.9.    The visitors of this website are acknowledging that by using this website and its services they are becoming the customers of HYD LLC even if they are not using any other facilities of HYD LLC. HYD LLC informs its customers that the website collects information in different places and different means; for ordering or using some services the customer may have to give personal information for registration. The personal information given by our visitors and customers are being handled according our Privacy Policy.
1.10.    In order to receive our newsletter our customers must complete the registration form. A regisztráció során a felhasználó elérhetőségeit is igényelhetjük. The requested information will be used only in the means of sending the newsletter.  The personal information given by our visitors and customers are being handled according our Privacy Policy.
1.11.    The visitors can use the website only at their own responsibilities. With regards to the services and information given to our customers free of charge, HYD LLC does not take any responsibilities for any damage, and rejects every legal possibilities for compensation or restitution originated from the usage of this website. 
1.12.    In every legal debate in connection with this Legal Statement are in the scope and jurisdiction of the Hungarian Legal System and its courts. 
1.13.    If you don’t feel informed enough or have any problems in any connection of this Legal Statement, or have anything unclear in connection of our Policies, or would like to ask any questions in connection the protection of personal information please contact our collegue through the email address info@preventa.org.