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Preventa in Sports Medicine

In a sports medical test, the effect of Preventa deuterium-depleted drinking water on the performance of top athletes was investigated, together with investigation of effects on metabolic processes, primarily glucose metabolism and acid-base balance, concomitant with physical load. Twelve international-level male rowers participated in the study, of who 7 athletes consumed 2 liters of deuterium-depleted drinking water (Preventa® 105) for 44 days, while 5 athletes drank ordinary tap water. Both groups had the same preparatory training. On day 0 and day 44, both groups underwent a multistage load test. The results indicate that, after DDW consumption, the athletes performed the load stages with lower blood lactate levels, which possibly means that the cells became anoxic less or later on physical load, or lactate elimination was improved. The examination results were concordant with the athletes’ subjective experiences, namely that after drinking DDW, they had improved performance, regenerated faster, and had better stamina on bodily load. DDW may thus be suitable for improving the performance of the organism in situations with increased physical load.

Györe I., Somlyai G. (2005) Csökkentett deutérium tartalmú ivóvíz hatása a teljesítőképességre sportolóknál/ The effect of deuterium depleted drinking water on the performance of sportsmen. Sportorvosi Szemle/Hungarian Review of Sports Medicine 46/1:27-38.