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About Preventa deuterium-depleted drinking water

HYD LLC. is marketing and distributing several products with decreased deuterium content in food and medicinal product categories. For human consumption Preventa deuterium-depleted drinking water was developed on the base of HYD’s propriatory procedure, deuterium depletion. Preventa®  deuterium-depleted drinking water brand is available with different D-contents. Considering  the D concentration of natural waters (140-150 ppm at our latitude), Preventa® products’ deuterium concentration varies between 125 and 25 ppm as it is indicated on the label. Preventa® is made of deuterium-depleted water and natural spring water, and available in carbonated and non-carbonated forms. Preventa® is an international trademark, owned by HYD LLC.

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Preventa deuterium-depleted drinking water is recommended for health conscious individuals, and suggested for use by replacement of the daily normal fluid intake.

HYD Ltd. exhibited Preventa® deuterium-depleted drinking water at the ANUGA  Exhibition as a seeded product at the Health & Functional Food Forum in Cologne in October, 2005.  Preventa® won the first prize at the international innovation contest “New Foods”. The jury especially emphasized the importance of the outstanding health promoting research and the deuterium-depleted products in health preservation. The prize was presented to the inventor, Gábor Somlyai, in Hamburg in June, 2006.

Preventa products are distributed by pharmacies and drugstores throughout the country in Hungary.