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Dermaflora Hydro-Light skin care products

Dermaflora Hydro-Light means a revolutionary innovation in the world of cosmetics joining the most up-to-date active ingredients beneficial for the skin with deuterium-depleted water (Hydro-Light), which exerts favorable effect on the skin and delays aging processes. Deuterium Depletion Technology provides a new sub-molecular tool for beauty care.

Hydro-Light is a pure water with low level of deuterium that can be found in nature only in polar regions and in high mountains.  Scientific research proves that the natural enrichment of deuterium can accelerate the ageing  of the skin and the local reduction of the skin deuterium level helps to regain and preserve the youthfulness and elasticity of the skin. Mixing the beneficial properties of this special water with effective cosmetic active ingredients, Dermaflora Hydro-Light products offer a unique solution to keep the skin velvetly soft and resilient.

Dermaflora Hydro-Light products are carefully designed and clinically tested cosmetic products, has been considered excellent by clinical investigations:

"...the course of the chronic allergy tests we have experienced no allergic reactions." 

"The clinical tests have considered the product's consistency, fragrance, penetration and its effects on dry and oily skin as excellent. The product reduces the dryness of the skin if necessary, increases hydration and reduces or increases the oiliness of the skin depending on the skin-type, so it has a physiologically regenerating function to some extent."